Notes about the "raw stats"

The stats will be for all players in the game in alphabetical format, broken up into different files for pitchers and batters. Unfortunately, I have to use 'preformatting' to get it to look good. The stats are currently in the following format:

player team ab hit 2b 3b hr run rbi bb so sb cs e hbp

where:  player = batter name
	team   = team name (4 letter abrev)
	pos    = best guess at player's position
	ab     = at bats
	hit    = hits
	2b     = doubles
	3b     = triples
	hr     = home runs
	run    = runs scored
	rbi    = runs batted in
	bb     = walks
	so     = strikeouts
	sb     = stolen bases
	cs     = times caught stealing
	gidp   = ground into double play
	e      = errors
	hbp    = hit by pitch
	sf     = sacrafice flies
	sh     = sacrifice hits (bunts)