Notes about the "raw stats"

The stats will be for all players in the game in alphabetical format, broken up into different files for pitchers and batters. Unfortunately, I have to use 'preformatting' to get it to look good. The stats are currently in the following format:

Player Team won lost ip hit run er bb so sa bs ho qs hr g st sho gf c hb

where:  player = pitcher name
	team   = team name (4 letter abrev)
	won    = games won
	lost   = games lost
	ip     = innings pitched: real value (i.e. 2.2 = 2 and 2 thirds inn)
	hit    = hits given up
	run    = runs given up
	er     = earned runs given up
	bb     = walks allowed
	so     = strikeouts
	sa     = save
	bs     = blown save
	ho     = hold
	qs     = quality start (>= 6 ip && <= 3 er)
	hr     = home runs given up
	g      = games played
	st     = games started
	sho    = shutouts
	gf     = games finished
	c      = games completed
	hb     = hit batter