Notes about the "raw stats"

The stats will be for each team in the following format:

team won lost min fgm fga 3m 3a ftm fta or tr as st to bk pf tc ej ff pts

where:  team   = team name 
	won    = games won
	lost   = games lost
	min    = total minutes played
	fgm    = field goals made
	fga    = field goals attempted
	3m     = threes made
	3a     = threes attempted
	ftm    = free throws made
	fta    = free throws attempted
	or     = offensive rebounds
	tr     = total rebounds
	as     = assists
	st     = steals
	to     = turnovers
	bk     = blocks
	pf     = personal fouls
	tc     = technicals
	ej     = ejections
	ff     = flagrant fouls
	pts    = total points