Notes about the "raw stats"

I realize that there are many people who may have different needs for stats in a raw format. I am trying to use the format that helps the most people.

The stats will be for all players in the league in alphabetical format. Unfortunately, I have to use 'preformatting' to get it to look good.

NOTE As of the 06-07 season, I'll have one raw data file for player's cumulative stats & a separate one with a line for each team that they played. each team they've played for that year.

NOTE Due to parsing issues, I no longer get flagrant fouls

The stats are currently in the following format.

player team pos gp min fgm fga 3m 3a ftm fta or tr as st to bk pf tc ej ff pts

where:  player = player name  (either: last,first -or- last)
	team   = team name (3 letter abrev)
	pos    = player's position (PG, SG, SF, PF, C or ??)
	gp     = games played
	min    = total minutes played
	fgm    = field goals made
	fga    = field goals attempted
	3m     = threes made
	3a     = threes attempted
	ftm    = free throws made
	fta    = free throws attempted
	or     = offensive rebounds
	tr     = total rebounds
	as     = assists
	st     = steals
	to     = turnovers
	bk     = blocks
	ba     = blocked attempts (Note, there is little quality here, so far)
	pf     = personal fouls
	dq     = disqualifications
	pts    = total points
	tc     = technicals
	sta    = games started