Doug's Offensive Rankings Explaination Page

The 'TND' fields is really just my version of the Tendex rating system. Based on the approximate Point-Per-Possession, each statistical category can be related to the game's scoring. Every time you make a basket, you have made 2 points for your team. Every basket you miss, you lose possession, and subsequently lose 1 point for your team (of course, if a team member gets an offensive rebound, that player will gain possession, and 1 TND point).

Offensive Ratings only use traditional offensive categories.

While I IN NO WAY, claim this stat to be an end-all way to rank all the players, I use it to give another data point as to how well a player is contributing offensively to their team.

The current Offensive Ranking formula is:

(PTS - FGmsd - FTmsd/2 + 1.25*as + ORs - 1.25*to - tc) / GamesPlayed

PTS = Total Points Scored
FGmsd = Field Goals Missed
FTmsd = Free Throws Missed
m3 = Made Three Pointers
st = Steals
as = Assists
bl = Blocks
Reb = Total Rebounds (defensive & offensive)
to = Turnovers
tc = Technicals
ff = flagrants (Note that I don't get this data anymore
pf = Personal Fouls

There is also a TND value normalized to 48 minutes.