What's new in Doug's Stats

For the 98-99 Season

- Added disqualifications.

- Added Home and Away raw data for players.

For the 97-98 Season

10/29 - Added 'games started' to the raw data

For the 96-97 Season

4/ 9 - Added link to players raw data from 2 days ago.

3/25 - Added a list of the game results. The link is off the standings page.

2/26 - Oops, I should have added the 3 new fields to the end of the line, so it would mess up fewer people's macros. I've moved the new fields to the end of each player's line in the 'raw data'.

2/24 - Added Technicals, Ejections and Flagrant Fouls to the 'Raw Data'. (Hope this doesn't mess up your macros too bad!)

11/10 - Fixed a problem with blocked shots. There will be some extra for some players this week.

11/1 - The Raw Data file now has a header identifying the fields.